Documents and research have shown that the origin of pistachio trees lies in the North-east of Iran. For 5000 years people have been eating pistachios. Historic records claim that the queen of Sheba herself, demanded all of the Assyrian pistachios for her court. The English name pistachio is derived from “Pisteh”, which is a Persian name. Pistachio nuts are intertwined with Iranian culture and are actually present in all facets of Iranian life.  Pistachio nuts get a mention in all Iranian literature, stories, beliefs, traditions and rituals such as Norooz (New Iranian Year) and Yalda festival are even consumed in weddings and funerals. Iranian poets and literary figures have also referred to pistachio nuts in their works. For Iranians no festivities and feasts can be held without pistachio nuts as well as other nuts like walnuts, almond, raisin, hazelnuts, etc. They celebrate Iranian New Year by eating pistachios. If they cook special dishes, they decorate them with pistachios. Even treats such as ‘Gaz’ contain pistachios. Pistachio nuts are of strategic importance among Iranian producers of agro products. There is no doubt that  Iranian pistachio has the best taste and maximum nutrition.  The special climate of Kerman province is the only best place for growing pistachios.  We carry all the following: 


Round Pistachio (Fandoghi Pistachio):
These are the primary product for export.
5 stars, based on 987 reviews 
Available in sizes 26-28, 28-30, 30-32


Long Pistachio (Akbari Pistachio):
These are the most expensive and traditional.
5 stars, based on 938 reviews 
Available in sizes 20-22, 22-24


Long Pistachio (Ahmad aghaee Pistachio):
This kind of pistachios are a favorite amongst people in Eastern Asia.
5 stars, based on 738 reviews 
Available in sizes 22-24, 24-26


Long Pistachio (Badami Pistachio)
The shape of its kernel is similar to that of the almond.
5 stars, based on 838 reviews 
Available in sizes 24-26, 26-28, 28-30


Jumbo Pistachio (Kale ghuchi Pistachio):
This kind is broad with an opened mouth.
5 stars, based on 552 reviews 
Available in sizes 18-20, 20-22, 22-24, 24-26


Natural Pistachio kernel (red and cream color):
These are shelled from closed pistachios.


Green kernel Pistachio:
Green kernel Pistachio: This kind is used to add flavor and/or green coloring to ice cream, cookies and other cuisine. 


Roasted and Salted Pistachio:
These boast a very favorable taste.


Roasted and Unsalted Pistachio: 
These are quite suitable for individuals who are on a salt free diet.  


Grades of kernel pistachios: 

AAA: ~95% whole + 5% split. 
AA: ~90% whole + 10% split. 
A: ~85% whole + 15% split. 
C: ~70% whole + 30% split.